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September 29, 2010

Create Facebook Skins!

 Create your own Facebook Skins!

We offer not only over 1,000 Facebook Skins but also the ability to create your very own Facebook Skins!  With our Facebook Skins Profile Editor you can customize to the max!  Upload backgrounds or left and right curtains, title bar images and adjust any color you'd like on your customized Facebook Skin!

Here is a walk through of the features that our Facebook Skins Profile Editor 1.0 offers below:

Adjust all of the Facebook Skin colors!

Upload Facebook skin background images with the options to repeat or scroll the images.

Options to position your images and add the correct height for your title bar image.

Options to adjust the text colors.
Go to our Facebook Skin profile Editor to get started on your first custom Facebook Skin!

Coming soon: Facebook Skins Editor v2!

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